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Nov 10, 2012 11:45pm EST
the eagles. thanksgiving day at dallas. december 3rd is a monday night game. the skins host the giants and sunday, december 9th, the ravens come to fed ex field. that is all the time that we have for tonight's show. thanks for staying with us. thanks to rich dunn and my producer. that's a bye week but we are still on. myself, doc walker and scott smith. have a good night.    positive it was dna. >> officer john corvino: i'm looking at my dispatch here, and there's a burglary that just happened, and i'm heading into the area. i'm going to help the other guys who actually got the call. 'cause the guy's on foot somewhere in this area, and we'll see what i can do, may be help them out. victim came home and caught the guy right in the act. he was loading things up into a suitcase. all the property, vcr, and things like that. so i know he's in the area somewhere 'cause it just happened, and apparently he really scared the victim. >> radio: window 32 sighted in the complex. 32, chasing the subject southbound behind the complex. >> corvino: he's upstairs? >> radio: advisi
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1